Keystone is a HIPAA compliant marketing cloud software platform designed
specifically to support life science companies and healthcare providers.
Key capabilities include:

  • Responsive relationship marketing
  • Deep segmentation/profiling capabilities
  • Data driven tailoring of content (eg, by geography, by condition, by demographic, by healthcare milestone, by preference)
  • A/B asset testing
  • Peer to peer community/network facilitation
  • Multi partner integration
  • 24/7 analytics portal

Client Experience

Product Comparison

Keystone Marketing

Salesforce Marketing

Oracle Eloqua
Marketing Automation

Adobe Marketing

Lead management

Batch Enrollment

Campaign Management

Email A/B Testing
  KS 3.0 provides more enhanced segmentation and personalization for email      

Content management

Dynamic delivery/trigger based

Deep engagement journey builder

Full cross channel deployment (SMS, email, web, social)
    Separate modules or licences need to be bought to enable social and text channels for these competitors
Multiple iterations of subject line
Multiple pre-headers per email

Reporting and analytics

Contextual analytics portal


HIPAA compliant
    Additional cost for HIPAA module.
API availability
Dedicated IP Address
    Additional pricing for dedicated IP
Unlimited data storage
Patient normative data integration
EHR integration
Private instance capability