Our software is created with one thing in mind—the patient.

Deliver critical information at just the right time with cross-channel content personalized to your patients.

Arches develops highly specialized intelligent software products that empower healthcare companies to deepen their relationship with patients. Keystone allows customers to easily test and automate the delivery of personalized health education. Keystone’s interoperable and HIPAA compliant secure platform leverages patient data points to responsively deploy education and information at key moments in the health journey when they need it most. Through patent pending AI technology, Keystone helps healthcare organizations optimize their patient outreach and content strategies to ultimately reduce fear, anxiety and administrative burden thus motivating positive behavior and enhanced health outcomes.

If you can imagine the journey, Keystone can build it.

Don't let the limitations of your software drive your content strategy. Keystone allows you to create sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns to serve even the most complex patient journeys, then evaluate outcomes with smart data management and real-time analytics. It's the engine that enables deployment of personalized content to educate and engage patients, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

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Your Digital Patient Navigator

For oncology centers that want to increase patient satisfaction and improve clinical workflow, Keystone supports the MyCareCompass patient engagement system. MyCareCompass uses videos, emails and rich text messaging to empower patients and caregivers to take control of their treatment.

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Springboard gives you the head start you need to map out and optimize your healthcare multi-channel marketing and CRM campaigns, then immediately gives you presentation-ready exports, without a design team. Envision smart campaigns, and never lose the documentation or the "why" behind it.

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Maximize consumer engagement using our content optimization software built on ARCHES’ proprietary platform, Keystone, in conjunction with Watson AI. Get real-time content engagement scores and identify the most impactful keywords in your industry, to guide your content strategy.

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