Our CEO, Daniella Koren, talks about "just in time patient education"

“Our software is created with one thing in mind—the patient.”

Deliver critical information at just the right time across multiple channels, personalized to patients’ preferences.

Patient education is only effective if it’s actually reaching the patient. Between diagnostic and follow-up testing, undergoing therapy, enduring side effects, coordinating care, and financing their treatment, oncology patients need supportive information and resources that are relevant, timely and conveniently accessible. ARCHES’ intelligent software products help healthcare organizations and cancer centers bridge communication gaps to deepen their relationships with patients and improve value and outcomes in oncology care.

Our intelligent software platform automates each patient’s health
education at pivotal points in the cancer journey.

  • HIPAA compliant integration with existing EHR platforms for secure data exchange
  • Responsive to real-time events and key treatment milestones
  • Auto-deploys personalized content via up to 6 different channels
  • Optimizes content using our AI technology
  • Analyzes and tracks patient engagement in real-time

Keystone is the HIPAA compliant engine that fuels ARCHES’ product suite. Our interoperable and secure platform is complimentary to EMR platforms and leverages data points to deliver personalized information to patients at key milestones throughout their cancer journey. Keystone configures multi-channel communications, performs real-time data analytics on engagement levels and optimizes content. Our technology supports the most complex patient journeys and Keystone’s advanced capabilities enable healthcare organizations to form meaningful connections with oncology patients, ultimately improving the clinical experience and driving positive health outcomes.

Your Digital Patient Navigator

The MyCareCompass digital patient engagement system, uses videos, emails and text messaging to deliver personalized education to patients and caregivers at the exact time they need it, based on select EHR data points. We offer multiple MyCareCompass educational modules for patients undergoing infusion chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and surgical ostomies. The educational content has been curated for each therapy type based on oncology industry insights and over a decade of normative data. For healthcare organizations and oncology providers that want to increase patient satisfaction, improve clinical workflow, boost treatment adherence, and empower patients throughout their cancer journey, MyCareCompass is one of the most innovative patient engagement solutions available. Sponsorships are also available for promoting cancer patient advocates and support services within the MyCareCompass program.

  • 76% said that MCC helped to decrease their fear and anxiety about their procedure
  • 83% said that MCC had a positive impact on their experience at KHN.
  • 81% said MCC helped them prepare for their procedure.
  • 89% cited that the resources that MCC provided were instrumental in helping them understand why they needed their procedure.

Hearing that we were able to touch over 1,000 lives in an 8 week period was incredibly impactful for us. Thinking about the time and resources it takes to provide that kind of teaching in the ambulatory setting makes it an extraordinary feat.

- Nurse Educator