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MyCareCompass helps oncology healthcare organizations optimize their patient education and preparation to reduce fear, anxiety and administrative burden, thus motivating positive behavior and enhanced health outcomes.

The MyCareCompass system impacts each of the three primary groups involved in the treatment journey.


Cancer Patients and

  • Decrease fear & anxiety

  • Increase ownership

  • Make compliance easier


Clinical Team

  • Improve compliance

  • Better control of information

  • Simple and concise education



  • Improve satisfaction scores

  • Reduce costs

  • Optimize revenue

Case Study

The following case study pertains to an existing partnership with Kettering Health Network

Kettering Health Network was looking for a technology to address these three concerns:

1) Processing a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan is difficult.

2) Patient fear, anxiety and confusion can result in postponed appointments, delayed therapy and less optimized outcomes.

3) Clinical staff repeatedly communicates basic information and reminders to patients to ensure they’re prepared.

Kettering Health Network and the MyCareCompass system aligned against these three objectives:

1) Decrease cancer patient fear and anxiety.

2) Improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

3) Decrease healthcare resource utilization and costs.


1) Gather insights from oncology nurse navigators to understand gaps in patient education and associated impact.

2) Develop content in accordance with health literacy best practices and cancer patient engagement data collected (2005 – 2015).

3) Integrate MyCareCompass with Kettering Health’s EMR platform and operational workflow.

4) Auto-deploy educational videos and content to patients from Kettering via email/SMS.

Preparation Along Each Step of the Chemo Journey is Key to Successful Outcomes

Educational videos

The MyCareCompass infusion chemotherapy educational program includes multiple videos, deployed to patients before and after key milestones in their chemo treatment. Here is the video patients receive to help prepare them for their port insertion procedure:

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