Bridging the gap
between providers
and patients

ARCHES intelligent software solutions empower healthcare organizations to expand their support services and strengthen their relationships with patients.

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Bridging the gap between providers and patients

ARCHES’ intelligent software solutions empower healthcare organizations to expand their support services and strengthen their relationships with patients.

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Why Arches?

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With almost two decades of experience in the space, we know how to support healthcare organizations that strive to create high quality 1:1 relationships with their target audiences.

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KEYSTONE is HIPAA compliant and allows for secure, reliable exchange of data to deliver personalized information at timed moments, leveraging multiple communication channels. Keystone has passed many security and privacy audits in the industry with flying colors.

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Behind every great SaaS product, there’s a great strategy. From understanding your objectives to architecting intelligent business rules, ARCHES is more than a software platform provider—we’re a true partner.

Our Founder

Daniella Landau, founder, CEO, entrepreneur,coach, healthcare technology, oncology, cancer support, healthcare marketing, content strategy, strategist, expertise, expert consultant, cancer wellness, pharmaceutical, patient advocate, digital patient education, digital patient engagement

Daniella Landau


Daniella’s passion for patient engagement, data driven marketing and analytics has been the driving force in her career. She believes that if we can harness the power of education and positive relationships, we can help make the world a healthier place. A successful serial entrepreneur in the healthcare communications space, Daniella's goal is to think outside the box, remain agile, and focus on the results.

Previously, as Founder and President of DKI, Daniella pioneered and led the creation of direct-to-patient digital strategies for more than 40 life science clients, including Genentech, Novartis Oncology, Sanofi, Shire, Astellas, Gilead, Abbott, Takeda and GSK. Based on client demand for finding the rare "needle in the haystack" patient online, in 2008 Daniella co-founded an offshoot healthcare media planning and buying firm, Convergence Point Media, and exited from the business in 2014. Daniella also co-founded Entrada, a strategic healthcare consulting firm and exited in 2023. Her companies have earned over 60 industry awards.

Daniella is a lifelong student of all types of dance, and is a mother to two adult kids, Talia and Alex, who are also successful entrepreneurs.